About VKCA




VKCA is a Bangalore based cricket academy for kids who want to play top-notch cricket and train like professional cricketers. We are open for all ages from 8 to 15 years old (boys and girls). Children can join in our cricket academy from any area of Bangalore with the possibility of being selected from our exclusive academy.

VKCA's strong links to cricket with experienced coaches give young players doorway to awesome opportunities to develop their skills in different cricketing cultures through tours and club tournaments.

There are so many brilliant players that they often miss right nurturing and formal training. Here is another opportunity to train at the same level. Come improve your skills and compete with the best in the city and India.

VKCA Philosophy

At VKCA, we believe in “Practice Makes Perfect” — you obtain what you practice.

To be a promising cricketer you need to develop good habits coz good habit is very difficult to break. We make sure that you develop good habits right from the beginning.

If we practice badly, bad habits develop and performance goes down. Bad habits not only limit your performance, but also can lead to injuries that further disrupt your progress.

At VKCA, we develop your skills in a systematic way that avoids the “quick fix” trap. For you as an aspiring cricketer, this means that the sooner corrections are made, the smoother the transition will be and the quicker you get where you want to be.


Cricket technology is evolving at an astonishing pace, and as we strive to keep up with the progress of technology everyday with the latest computers and Smartphone.

What do we mean is how do we leverage cricket technology in order to meet the standards for the player and coach?


We envision encouraging sports culture to our people by making sport an important and sustainable tool for a holistic lifestyle. We dream of the social integration of all urban and rural youth who are striving for cricketing career.

Today, VKCA is recognized as one of the leading cricket training centre in Bangalore.  In addition, our vision is to make a great cricket player flourish for the coming years with the best cricket training we have provided.

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